The Art of Blogging

17 August 2021     The Camp YA Team     Event

Saturday 21 August 2021 – 3.30PM GMT+1

Instagram icons Jennie Shaw, Amy Shane and Brittina gather around the campfire to give out all the gossip on creative, alternative bookish blogging.

About Amy Shane

As a self-taught artist and body painter, Amy Shane captures the magical beauty and character behind the covers of books and movie posters using her body as the canvas.  Her ability to transform the unique medium of body paints combined with costume design brings book covers to life.  When she isn’t painting Amy is a professional media reviewer and newspaper columnist where she connects audiences with their next reading adventure.

About Brittina

Brittina is a self taught makeup artist and an avid book lover blending the two things she loves the most! Growing up on stage, doing musical theater, Filipino cultural dance, and other performing arts, Brittina quickly found a love and passion for bringing stories to life through visual arts such as body painting, SFX makeup and cosplay. She currently creates book inspired theatrical makeup looks, which she calls #BookLooks on social media. Her dream is to someday create a Book Look for one of her own published works in the future.

About Jennie Shaw

Jennie Shaw is a writer, nail artist, and bookish enthusiast. As an avid and lifelong reader, she loves to pair book reviews with cover-inspired manicures. Jennie's favourite genre is fantasy and she remains eternally bitter for not possessing magical powers. Yet.