Camp YA Team

Demet – The Captain

Berlin born and raised, Demet is a big city girl with big city dreams and purple hair.
As an audio book connoisseur and all-round rebel, she also has the tendency to paint tiny book covers on her nails and to convince people to join her in crazy projects.                                Twitter: @Books_Polished

Melisa – Digital Ninja

Dutch country girl moved to London to pursue her publishing dreams. Big time digital ninja day and night. Both a workaholic and occasionally lazy. Can often be found perusing Netflix or with her nose in a book. Loves to quote either Disney or Harry Potter depending on what the situation calls for. Or both. Both’s good. Twitter: @PrincessofReads

Stephen – The Major

Publisher by day Quiz master by night Stephen puts the EVENT in events (and is not ashamed to state that publicly). Always armed with a random fact or sassy comment he’s on hand to keep camp motivation high at all times. Twitter: @MyBookishLife

Lorna – The Apprentice

A smallish girl with biggish dreams, Lorna is Camp YA’s resident wordsmith. Originally Australian, the now fully integrated Londoner loves to read, write, perform, and lip sync badly to songs in the mirror. Twitter: @Lornathepoet

Stef – Editing Fairy

Journalist by day and multi-faceted nerd by night, Stef is the bilingual voice of reason and grammar in the Camp YA Team. If she’s not at work, twirling around a dance studio, or sitting in a theatre, she’s probably reading. Or knitting. Or learning another language. Or, realistically, having a nap. Twitter: @MissSGolightly

Dani – Tech Witch

Dani is our team tech witch, originally from South Africa and usually based in London. By day, she works in the tech industry, but by night, she’s a reader, crafter, and gamer. She’s been blogging for over 5 years, mostly at Twitter: @dani_reviews