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17 August 2021     The Camp YA Team     Event

Saturday 21 August 2021 – 1PM GMT+1

Hosted by killer queen Kat Ellis, Cynthia Murphy, Sera Milano and Kathryn Foxfield bring chills to Camp YA with this panel all about the very best of YA thriller.

About Kat Ellis

Do not read Kat Ellis’ books with the lights off. You have been warned. Her YA thrillers, with just a touch of weird, have been spooking readers since 2014. As is appropriate for a horror writer, Kat loves to patrol graveyards with her camera and watch scary movies with her husband.

About Cynthia Murphy

Cynthia is a YA writer from the North-West of England, though her 'real job' is in education.She has always enjoyed writing (this is the girl who looked forward to her English Language GCSE) and when her English teacher accused her of plagiarism in Year 8, she thought she might actually be quite good at it. Thanks, Miss Q. She has a long-standing love affair with all things scary, reading Point Horrors at primary school before graduating to Stephen King in her misguided teens. Classic 90s and 00s horror movies are definitely her pub quiz strong point and her first love may well have been Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Studying for a degree in Art History and Archaeology meant that she developed a thirst for anything old, beautiful and very often dead. She tries to combine this with contemporary settings in her writing to make unique and chilling modern stories. Cynthia is married to her best friend and they share (are ruled by) a Romanian rescue dog called Loli, who loves to steal socks.

About Sera Milano

Sera Milano has previously written two Kirkus-starred LGBTQ+ comic novels for younger readers, Boy Meets Hamster and Boy Meets Ghoul, under the name Birdie Milano. Before writing her first novel, Sera dabbled in the theatre, worked as a bookseller, taught drama classes for children, and dispensed romantic advice to internet daters. She lives just a whisker outside London in the UK with her rescue dog and wonky cat. She loves musicals, comics, and telling her many houseplants that they need to let her love them, while she watches them slowly die. You can find Sera at and on twitter and instagram @seramilano This Can Never Not Be Real is her first young adult novel.

About Kathryn Foxfield

A reformed microbiologist, Kathryn Foxfield now writes dark books about strange things. She blames her love of the creepy and weird on a childhood diet of Point Horror, Agatha Christie and Dr Who. Her YA thrillers GOOD GIRLS DIE FIRST and the upcoming IT'S BEHIND YOU centre around characters who aren’t afraid to fight back - but she insists she wouldn’t last 5 minutes in one of her own stories.