Identity: Finding yourself through Fiction

17 August 2021     The Camp YA Team     Event

Sunday 22 August 2021 – 11.30AM GMT+1

Author Rhiannon Wilde and Bloggers Fabienne and Holly chat about identity and discovering yourself through words and YA.

About Rhiannon Wilde

Rhiannon Wilde has been telling stories for as long as she can remember – inside her head, as well as through working as a journalist, terrible barista, and high school English teacher in Brisbane’s inner north. Rhiannon’s particular interests are caffeine, characters both real and imaginary, and the power of well-strung words to challenge and change us. Her second-person short story inspired by urban Brisbane, You Deserve Nothing, was longlisted for the Queensland Young Writer’s Award in 2014. Henry Hamlet’s Heart is her first novel, and won the Queensland Literary Awards Glendower Award for an Emerging Queensland Writer in 2019.

About Fabienne Schwizer

Fabienne Schwizer (she/they) is a blogger and general bookish person. Never found without a book, Fab loves to escape into new worlds, stories and join fictional characters in their shenanigans, the weirder the better. She has degrees in medieval nerdery and publishing and will talk your ear off about manuscripts, weaponry and history and its writing. They are Swiss born and bred (though they hate cheese) but now haunt the streets of London. You can find her at and on Twitter as @flschwizer.

About Holly

I’m Holly a 26 Demisexual book blogger. I have loved reading since I could decipher what the stranges squiggles on paper were. I mainly read Romance and fantasy YA normally alongside a Fanta and some form of snacks (usually cake). I’m a publishing grad so I know a little bit of what goes on beyond the curtain too. Hoping to finishing writing my own book one day, but hey who isn’t?
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