Glitter, Glue and You! 2020

22 July 2020     The Camp YA Team     Event

Join us for a lively chat between independent crafters as they talk about running your own business as a small-scale maker – from finding inspiration to how they got into their craft.

About Abby

Abby is the founder of Paper and Word, the shop that redefined the perfect book sleeve. Out of a need to protect you and your precious books, Abby creates her sleeves out of modern, beautiful fabrics. Her cats dutifully watch over her while she works.

About Allison Thwaites

Allison Thwaites aka Miss Bibliofancy is a bookstagrammer, blogger and owner of Bibliofancy Bookish Things based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. When she's not plotting her escape from corporate life, she can usually be found with her head in a book, talking about the literary scene or organizing and taking pictures of her never ending TBR pile(s).

About Kaymara

Kaymara is the lead curator and CEO of Decentred Lit, a quarterly book subscription box. Kaymara is passionate about equitable access to literature and the representation of BIPOC voices. She spends her free time trying to convince her cat, whose name is Cat, that sometimes it's best to stay inside.

About Mariyam Khan

Mariyam Khan is the owner of Oh Panda Eyes, your one-stop shop for all things jewellery. She is an enthusiastic reader, a passion that inspires her creations on the daily.