Camp YA Tag 2020

12 July 2020     The Camp YA Team     Activity

Gather round bloggers, BookTubers and campers alike: the CampYA Tag is here.
If you are part of the CampYACup, completing this task on your platform will earn you fifteen points!
Don’t forget to tag us (#CampYA and/or your team hashtag) and submit it into your team discord chat to collect your points.


Question One: What #CampYACup  team are you in?

Question Two: What new release would you take away to camp?

Question Three: What book reminds you of your favourite camp snack?

Question Four: What book reminds you of your favourite camp activity?

Question Five: What book moment would you like to recreate while at camp?

Question Six: What book would you read around the campfire?

Question Seven: What book character would you want on your #CampYACup team?

Question Eight: What book character would be your rival at camp?

Tag three of your campmates to complete this tag!