Camp YA Cup

At Camp YA we like to embrace our (slightly) competitive side with the #CampYACup. Alongside your team, you will complete challenges to win our highly coveted cup – and everlasting glory within the bookish community.

Take the quiz to find out whether you’re Team Trout, Beaver, or Wren and join in on our fun challenges to gain points and catapult yourself and your crew to the top.

Don’t forget to share your team pride on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, either.

To stay in contact with your team mates, we have created three dedicated channels within our Discord server. These are for you to chat, have fun, solve challenges, and claim points.

Join our Discord server!


  • Ultimate bragging rights for the winning Team.
  • Most Creative Entry
    • Medium Book sleeve & Wooden Bookmark Bundle by Bibliofancy Bookish Things
  • Best Team Spirit
    • 3x One signed copy of This Can Never Not be Real by Sera Milano


Complete these tasks to earn points for your team. Don’t forget to post your creations on social media (remember to tag @campyafest) and submit it into your team chat for the counselors to review.

Any submission that is not posted in your respective Discord chat will not count towards the final score.

Points Task
One point Using the team hashtag on twitter or instagram gives you one point!
Three points Take a selfie in your perfect Camp YA outfit.
If you could only take three books away to camp, what would they be?  Take a picture, film a video or make a list!
Change your social media profile pictures to your team’s logo.
Five points Make a plate of your favourite camp food and take a picture.
Show us what’s in your bag for camp. Take a picture or film a video!
Write a team chant.
Earn one of the badges designed by a member of your team. (See 8 point challenge)
Eight points Draw an interpretation of your team’s logo in your own style.
Write a letter/postcard home about your time at Camp YA.
Design your own activity badge and write an explanation of how to achieve it.
Ten points Come third in the Camp YA Quiz!
Film a writing prompt (with the chance for it to be broadcast on our stream!)
Make a friendship bracelet/necklace/bookmark for your favourite fictional character.
Illustrate your favourite Camp YA moment.
Fifteen points Come second in the Camp YA Quiz!
Write a short story based off one of the Camp YA writing prompts (catch them on our stream or on Twitter!)
Write a fan fiction of your favourite characters set in a summer camp.
Take part in the #CampYATag. Write a blog post or film a video!
Film yourself performing a campfire song (made up or well known, you choose!)
Film yourself telling the ultimate campfire story.
Talent show time! Film yourself performing your most unique talent.
Twenty points Win the quiz!


No hate or malicious behaviour towards other members of your team, counselors, performers or other campers. Any poor behaviour will result in you being removed from your team.

All submissions to score points must be put on your team’s discord chat with a message indicating what task it is for.

No cheating on the Big Quiz on Friday night – you must be honest with your answers and with yourself.

Any complaints or worries can be expressed to your counselors or any other member of the core team – whoever you feel comfortable with. Our door is always open.

Do not judge others for their resources or the quality of their task if it is clear they have put effort into it.